Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 02/13/23

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Our anchors begin today’s show with CNBC’s Eunice Yoon covering what to expect from China’s potential reopening, and CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal reports on China’s e-commerce push in the U.S. Then, our Julia Boorstin looks at lawmakers reviving efforts to ban TikTok, and CNBC’s Rick Santelli breaks down the New York Fed’s consumer expectations survey ahead of tomorrow’s CPI report. Next, Check Point Software CEO Gil Shwed joins after the cybersecurity firm delivered a beat in Q4, and CNBC’s Frank Holland looks at Salesforce attracting the attention of activist investors. We also discuss the uptick in retail inflows with CNBC’s Kate Rooney and Interactive Brokers Chief Strategist Steve Sosnick. Later, Evercore ISI Head of Internet Research Mark Mahaney explains his decision to upgrade Zillow.”

“It’s hard to believe it’s been just a year since cryptocurrency ads made a splash in the Super Bowl, because a whole lot has gone down (and down and down) in crypto since then. Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino got journalist and book author Jacob Silverman on the line to look back at the ads from eToro, Crypto.com, Coinbase and FTX in the 2022 “Crypto Bowl.” They might not have aged so well.”

“What happens when an NFT marketplace goes under, and disappears? You would imagine that the users’ NFTs are perfectly safe: after all, the blockchain itself is still there, right? But that’s not how things work in the real world.

Jason Bailey is the co-founder and CEO of ClubNFT, a company building the next generation of tools to discover, protect, and share NFTs. Jason is an early collector and proponent of CryptoArt, and he spoke with Nate Nelson, our Sr. producer, about the risks facing sellers and buyers who are unfamiliar with this new technology.”

“Otonomo, connected automotive company that has seen its stock price plummet since going public in 2021, has announced that it is coming together with Urgent.ly, a roadside assistance tech provider, in a reverse merger.”

“A listener named Mike asks,

I’ve been offered an Engineering Management position at a company I previously worked for. The team is very small and composed of juniors and mid-level developers. The role is also completely new and because of the size and experience of the team there is some expectation that the manager will also have a fair amount of involvement in PR reviews and likely also writing some code. Is this common? Do you feel like a manager can also be a team lead from a technical perspective on a day to day basis? What should I be thinking about when considering this role?”

“Enigma Labs launches a project to crowdsource and quantify data about “unidentified aerial phenomena.””

“This month marks a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. The toll has been devastating — cities turned to rubble, staggering numbers of deaths — and like every war, this one has often turned on technological advances. It can be a grim experience to delve into the dark side of innovation, but we wanted to look beyond traditional notions of military might and consider how technology off the battlefield is helping Ukraine fight back. Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino spoke to Steven Feldstein, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about the crucial advantages tech has provided in such arenas as cybersecurity.”

“One of the toughest parts of any data project is experimentation, not just because you need to choose the right testing method to confirm the project’s effectiveness, but because you also need to make sure you are testing the right hypothesis and measuring the right KPIs to ensure you receive accurate results.

One of the most effective methods for data experimentation is A/B testing, and Anjali Mehra, Senior Director of Product Analytics, Data Science, Experimentation, and Instrumentation at DocuSign, is no stranger to how A/B testing can impact multiple parts of any organization. Throughout her career, she has also worked in marketing analytics and customer analytics at companies like Shutterfly, Wayfair, and Constant Contact.

Throughout the episode, we discuss DocuSign’s analytics goals, how A/B testing works, how to gamify data experimentation, how A/B testing helps with new initiative validation, examples of A/B testing with data projects, how organizations can get started with data experimentation, and much more.”

“In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about what you can do to better organize your config files.”

“Plus, China bites back at TikTok bans, what ChatGPT will cost you, no more Netflix password sharing, Gen Z’s viral work trend and the secret to compressing images in Word or PowerPoint.”