Best Tech Podcasts This Week – 08/15/22

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the best new tech podcasts released in the last week (as of the time of writing):

“Join Marty as he sits down with Preston Byrne to discuss the Tornado Cash sanctions taking place, whether a precedent was just set for developers and what freedom of speech is in the digital age.”

“The U.S. government said it will offer up to $10 million for information related to five people believed to be high-ranking members of the notorious Russia-backed Conti ransomware gang.”

“It cost a researcher only $25 worth of parts to create a tool that allows custom code to run on the satellite dishes.”

“Machine learning models are often thought to be mainly utilized by large tech companies that run large and powerful models to accomplish a wide array of tasks. However, machine learning models are finding an increasing presence in edge devices such as smart watches.

ML engineers are learning how to compress models and fit them into smaller and smaller devices while retaining accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency. The goal is to empower domain experts in any industry around the world to effectively use machine learning models without having to become experts in the field themselves.”

“Many machine learning practitioners dedicate most of their attention to creating and deploying models that solve business problems. However, what happens post-deployment? And how should data teams go about monitoring models in production?”

“Mark Ghermezian of m]x[v Capital joins Nate to discuss Lessons from Scaling Braze to IPO, the Importance of the Underdog Mindset, and the Future of SaaS. In this episode we cover:

  • How the iPhone Led to the Inception of Braze
  • The Impact of Remote Work on Innovation
  • Becoming a Unicorn by Building for Tomorrow
  • Advice for Founders from a Unicorn Founder turned VC”

“This week our host Steve McGarry is joined by Nick Swinmurn, Founder of, and CEO of Hellebore Broadcasting Company. To start the show the two dive into Nick’s lifelong curiosity of things and how that led him to constantly be trying something with great support at an early age. They discuss the founding of, and what made the culture there so famous in the business world. Steve asks about their exit and sale to Amazon, and what advice he would give to his younger self.”

“Stop sharing your phone number — it could put you in danger. Get a second number with this free trick. I’ll also tell you how to get disposable email addresses in a second. Plus, thieves are using AirTags to steal cars, smart handguns are coming and ransomware closed an entire college forever. Also, is crypto dying? Here’s my take.”

“This week on the podcast we’re answering a very wholesome listener question, what makes a good manager and how can an IC help support a new manager to do their best?”

“An aerial picture can tell a thousand stories. But who gets to tell them? From above the clouds, our world is surveilled and datafied. Those who control the data, control the narratives. We explore the spatial legacy of apartheid in South Africa’s townships, and hear from people around the world who are reclaiming power over their own maps.”